Angelic Blush Bridal Make Up

Today I’m doing a self shoot for something girly, inspired by my pink top and pink tutu skirt. Little make up details: Cheek: Mac Angel blush. For the eyes: Mac Slip Pink, Mac Jest, Mac…


Birthday Loot

I decided to post this year’s birthday presents I got from the people I love, just because. It’s good to look back at the ever changing fashion.  From my boyfriend Cian, Furla Elizabeth Bag: From…


Dem Random Cute Things

Here’s to you girls with shoes addiction. Heels.com Have you seen anything this cute lately? I’m not gonna buy it, being a good girl, but it’s just so damn beautiful I had to share it….


Isabella Swan Make Up

Today I’m doing a Twilight’s inspired make up. For Bella’s pale complexion I use highlighting foundation all over on top of regular foundation. I use grey and brown eye shadows and dark grey for the…


Bold Silver Vixen Make Up

My hair is nice and smoothly straight today so I thought I should practice on make up and post it. Bold and sexy look in a sparkly silver and black eye shadow, with highlights in…


Soft & Easy Everyday Make Up

Eyes: Sephora Moonshadow Trio in Afterglow No. 8, Mac Girlie, Mac Espresso and Mac Vapour, Mac Phone Number Crayon Kohl eye liner and for the eyelashes I use Maybelline Full N’ Soft Mascara. Cheeks: Mac…


Pretty Saree

I’m fascinated by India jewelries and Saree lately. Been collecting cute colorful fashion jewelries and about 10 days ago I ordered embroidered Saree online. It arrived today, the package is not as heavy as I…