Have I Talk About Cupcakes Lately?

In baking mode all week end, I was making cupcakes for my 3 cousins because their birthdays are close together. Snowballed into more cupcakes making. I use Purple and Pink on the sugar flowers. Here’s…


Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Healthy & yummy, perfect for summer. Very easy to make, just buy rice paper wrappers and stuff with anything you want. I like mine with sliced tofu, fresh bean sprout, carrots (thinly sliced), basil, scallion,…


Cute Mini Cupcakes

It’s official. I live up to one of my nicknames (to you who are slow, it’s ‘Cupcake’). And no matter how much I try I keep making them pink. I only have pink food coloring… …


More Cupcakes, Baby!

If you’re into human behavior I think you can see patterns here. Someone has addictive personality. Still bad at decorating, but I never screwed up the taste. Ask all my friends and family who tried…


First Cupcakes!

Presenting, the first cupcakes I made as a human being! Made them last week end. Don’t look so good but taste amazing. I use Raspberry in the frosting to give it flavor and pink color….