Impatient Monkey

Argh! I hate waiting. Soon as Bianca’s done, I want to do another one, you know, because practice make perfect. I ordered 2 doll kits and some more important tools. I only use regular brushes…


More Cupcakes, Baby!

If you’re into human behavior I think you can see patterns here. Someone has addictive personality. Still bad at decorating, but I never screwed up the taste. Ask all my friends and family who tried…


First Cupcakes!

Presenting, the first cupcakes I made as a human being! Made them last week end. Don’t look so good but taste amazing. I use Raspberry in the frosting to give it flavor and pink color….


Getting Ready

This photo was inspired by the teddy bear. One of those in the moment kinda thing. I passed by the mirror one day when I was getting ready and caught a glance of the bear….


Pretty Saree

I’m fascinated by India jewelries and Saree lately. Been collecting cute colorful fashion jewelries and about 10 days ago I ordered embroidered Saree online. It arrived today, the package is not as heavy as I…


My Face On A Book Cover!

So I share some photos online as stock photos, just for fun. About a year ago, my friend from Indonesia, Agung Akbar asked me if he could use one of my stock photo for a…


Cutie McFlirty

I get too attached to my beads sometimes. I named them according to their look and I’m convinced they have their own personalities. 😛  I made this pink turtle bead which is my most fave,…


The Goddesses

Long long time ago before I make my own beads, I have this little project in mind. Due to many many oh so many reasons that I wont get into, this project was neglected. Recently…


My First Nice Beads!

First post, hm…  Don’t know what to talk about yet. I guess I’ll start with sharing picture of my first nice bunch of beads. I’ve been buying lampwork beads to collect for a year and…