Website Launch Today!

Today is the day I launch my website. It’s finally done, been on the back of my mind for years, had too many sites and blogs, finally gets to combine them all in one portfolio…


Angelic Blush Bridal Make Up

Today I’m doing a self shoot for something girly, inspired by my pink top and pink tutu skirt. Little make up details: Cheek: Mac Angel blush. For the eyes: Mac Slip Pink, Mac Jest, Mac…


Birthday Loot

I decided to post this year’s birthday presents I got from the people I love, just because. It’s good to look back at the ever changing fashion.  From my boyfriend Cian, Furla Elizabeth Bag: From…


Dem Random Cute Things

Here’s to you girls with shoes addiction. Heels.com Have you seen anything this cute lately? I’m not gonna buy it, being a good girl, but it’s just so damn beautiful I had to share it….


Have I Talk About Cupcakes Lately?

In baking mode all week end, I was making cupcakes for my 3 cousins because their birthdays are close together. Snowballed into more cupcakes making. I use Purple and Pink on the sugar flowers. Here’s…


Isabella Swan Make Up

Today I’m doing a Twilight’s inspired make up. For Bella’s pale complexion I use highlighting foundation all over on top of regular foundation. I use grey and brown eye shadows and dark grey for the…


Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Healthy & yummy, perfect for summer. Very easy to make, just buy rice paper wrappers and stuff with anything you want. I like mine with sliced tofu, fresh bean sprout, carrots (thinly sliced), basil, scallion,…


Bold Silver Vixen Make Up

My hair is nice and smoothly straight today so I thought I should practice on make up and post it. Bold and sexy look in a sparkly silver and black eye shadow, with highlights in…


Soft & Easy Everyday Make Up

Eyes: Sephora Moonshadow Trio in Afterglow No. 8, Mac Girlie, Mac Espresso and Mac Vapour, Mac Phone Number Crayon Kohl eye liner and for the eyelashes I use Maybelline Full N’ Soft Mascara. Cheeks: Mac…