Today is the day I launch my website. It’s finally done, been on the back of my mind for years, had too many sites and blogs, finally gets to combine them all in one portfolio site. I’m still dusting around and will always add more of course. But today I can really say, yes, people can view it, I work day and night for about a month with my WordPress expert, Joseph, one of the most patient person in the planet. If you helped me with my anything like this, with my OCD, and you survived, didn’t move away and change your name, you are the most patient person in the planet! 😛   I can’t thank him enough, and if you like my website and need one, feel free to contact Joseph, he is awesome! His link is on the about page. I don’t get a cut, just bragging rights and friend’s points. 🙂  — Just a note, I’m the idea person and he’s the technical guy, so if you need creative ideas, you will need the combo, but most good templates are good enough these days, I’m just a very specific person. I had to personalized it to the T.

PS: Ozzy, that fluffy little cute guy in the photo, he’s my support system. He gets most of the credits… Mostly..

Thank you for visiting, please bookmark and stalk away! 😛
Maria xox

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