It’s finally done, whew! I hope you find this useful, please let me know what do you think, and especially if you learn from it, I want to hear from you!  This is my basic set up. I use 2 soft lights with diffuser. I got my set from Ebay, including the bulbs and umbrella diffusers. Inexpensive, and since I only use it indoor, it last.
Below is an example of a low budget set up. You can use any table top lamp, bounce the light on a white paper board. Make sure to use daylight light bulbs. And it’s better to do the shoot near a window in the daytime to help with lighting.
This is the diagram on lighting basics . I hope it’s clear enough. The key is, don’t light the baby directly because it will look shiny and harsh and not natural. We want the baby to look as natural as possible as it is in person.phototutdiagr

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