This is the 6th doll I made. I named her Lilah. She is from a beautiful kit called Vivien, created by the talented Evelina Wosnjuk. Took 2 days to paint her, I started in the afternoon of April 24th. Finished her face detailing, limbs, all blushed and all creases the next day. Then I spent an hour painting her nails and shining her cute lips the next day. It’s pretty fast because once I started I can’t stop, I tend to work like a maniac. Cause I’m excited to finish the project. So, basically 24 hours to finish painting her, which is pretty amazing, because Vivien kit is from the old batch which had Orangey tone to it, so I had to do extra layers of base to neutralize it. But all the hard work paid off. I’m very happy with how she turned out.


So she is staying with me, because I love her, but also because she has a boo boo in her head due to being kept a bit longer in the oven, there’s a little bump on her head, which is covered by hair.  I never sell anything I make that is not perfect. But don’t get me wrong, she is perfect in my eyes.

So today I did a photo shoot with her, and the photos turned out so good, she is a photogenic cutie patootie. I want to share some of her photos here. Lilah will be blond, but I’m not done rooting her hair until today, so for the shoot she is wearing a Mohair wig. He he.. I hope you enjoy her photos! 🙂


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