I blog the process of making my dolls as a way on keeping track on my skill and timing on finishing each dolls. Also every kits are different, so it’s good to keep notes on how I paint them. Just wanting to put it out there in case someone’s curious. kylin02

(March 22nd, 2009) I’m so very very excited to start working on Kylin. This is my favorite kit so far, it’s the first real size doll I make, she has the most beautiful face I can’t get over it. I can’t wait to see her finished. I started at 7.17pm today. And finished doing her skin base at 3.40am!!! I want her to be perfect. She has 1 skin tone base, and additional 3 layers for the subtle mottling effect. I’m happy.kylin01

(April 3rd, 2009) – She’s finished! I’m done rooting her hair last night, well, early morning actually. I spent 5 days working on her full blonde hair. I’m so in love with her! I love the type of feelings that creating something beautiful give me. kylin03

She’s finally done, officially reborned on April 15th, 2009. She’s beautiful, with gorgeous set of blue eyes and full blonde hair that is versatile to style, she can have cute curls, or straight hair or combination of both. Kylin was adopted on May 6th, 2009, and is on her way to her new mommy in USA. Kylin has helped me through a very very dark time in my life, losing the love of my life, my mom, on April 7th. Working on Kylin helps me shift my energy somewhere else, because I am not ready to accept, and I don’t want to fall apart right now…  🙂  I hope you enjoy Kylin’s photos.kylin4

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