Her coloring is done, I’m rooting her hair right now. Been working on her on and off for 3 weeks I think. Will come back with update and photos when she’s done.

(May 5th, 2009) Hm.. Not sure if I’ll ever get to finish her, I keep getting these new kits that I can’t wait to reborn. We’ll see. I’ll finish her someday, maybe. I must admit I’m uninspired by her. And you can’t force these things…

(October 2016) To be perfectly honest, I’m very confuse that I can’t remember what happen to Missy… Did I finish her, and if yes why there’s no photos? Did I dislike working on her so much that I didn’t even photograph her? Where is she? All I can think of is I gave her away, but even that, these are reborn dolls, that takes months to make sometimes, and I can only make so many in a few years, yet I can’t remember what I did with her. This is a mystery… And Missy, wherever you are, I hope someone is loving and appreciating you.. 😛

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