I started Sera a few days ago. I work on her skin for 3 days, taking my time now. Sera is the first Bountiful doll I do, she is a twin kit made by Marissa May. I did 2 Secrist dolls for my first 2. Bountiful dolls are softer, but her color is peach. I have to get used to color it, it absorb color easier, so I kinda had to add a few more layers to fix the previous that were a bit too strong. I’m pretty happy, I didn’t plan this but since I’m not used to the doll kit, she turned to have peaches and cream complexion. I like it, but I found out that I prefer to do a lighter color doll kits. But I’m happy that it’s softer, it’s easier to root the hair. Speaking of rooting, I bought a very good rooting tutorial and my skill is improving so much. 🙂

Sera was adopted on March 28th, 2009. She lives in UK now with her new mommy.


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