samI was too busy to update this past week. My shipment arrived, so I get to finish rooting Sam’s hair. I rooted her hair very sparsely. But good news is with the new needles I didn’t even bent it. I think this had something to do with the first batch of needles, maybe they were too skinny.
Still having troubles doing it properly tho, I’m so lost. There’s a tutorial on Youtube, she basically just sit there and jammed her needles to the doll’s head, there’s not much tips and tricks, rooting hair is still scary to me. So Sam’s hair is okay but I know I need to do something about my rooting skill. Also since I bought different kits, now I know this small kits are not the best. I’m not overly ecstatic by the way she turned out. Oh well, you gotta start somewhere with something..
In happier news, my friend Elly visited me a couple of days ago and she saw Sam, she started to carry her around and won’t put her down. I was thinking “Uh oh, somebody’s in love”. Yes she did, so she adopted Sam! I can’t believe I made a sale already. I was planning to test the market this week and try to sell Sam on Ebay. I’m so happy she was adopted by a friend, I know she will be spoiled rotten by sweet Elly! ^__^ Oh, Elly changed her name to Caroline. Sweet name!

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