So, this is the second day of working on Sam. Can’t wait to finish her! And a note: I’m keeping a diary of my reborning process on this particular doll, one for my own notes, to look back on, and two, some new artist might find it useful. But I’m guessing once I got busy I will not have time to do this in the future.

– 12.15pm: Start working. more touch up on the skin and nails & lips.
– 01.02pm: Out of the oven, now on to painting eyebrows. I use a mix of Skin 07, Burnt Umber and a bit of Yellow. I’m happy with the result. Light and faint the way I wanted it. Then I added a bit more brown on the color mix and paint hair on her head, just the outer section, kinda could use it for guidance when rooting too. Take a while but I’m pretty happy with the result.
– 2.34pm: Out of the oven for the last time. Will start rooting when it’s cool.
– 3.10pm: Start hair rooting. Decided to use just the needle without the handle, actually it makes my life easier.
– 3.32pm: Broke my needle, I have one left. Uh oh.
– 4.50pm: Broke the last needle, I’m so %^$#@%^&* Pissed! I can’t work now, and I have to wait for the new needles I ordered a couple weeks ago. AAARGH!!!!!!!!

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