My shipment from MacPhearson arrived today, in it, a premie doll kit called ‘Gumdrop’ from Secrist Co. I practice using this line because they are small (means a bit faster to work on than the bigger size) and cheaper, and they have many cute choices. Gumdrop is chubby and have closed eyes. It will be easy to attach the eyelashes, oh yeah! (“,) I’m keeping a record step by step working on her. I will experiment with the color mix too. And I will use some tools I made myself. It’s all about adventure on this one. (“,)

– 5.00pm: Start working. Putting base skin color, mix of Skin 08 & 07. Realized I use number 08 a lot and I’m almost out of it. (Me no likey Skin o7!).
– 5.48pm: Out of the oven for the first time. Mint green color is added.
– 6.34pm: Out of the oven for the 2nd times. Painted my own color mix which are Skin 07, Phthalo Green and a wee bit of Pink.
– 7.42pm: Out of the oven for the 3rd times. I draw the veins. Easy Peasy. 😛
– 8.44pm: Out of the oven for the 4th times. Time for blushing, it’s kinda more fun right now, although my back is killing me by now.
– 10.09: Coming out of the oven for the 5th times. I do many things at this point, more blushing, and mottling, using the homemade tools. Then detailing, painting the creases. Wait a bit, another layer of color for the mottling effect. I am so happy with the result. Holy Molly!!! ^__^
– 11.39pm: Coming out of the oven for the 6th times. More painting on creases, more detailing on the skin.
– 1.25am: I’m beat. Exhausted, the fume kinda make me dizzy, I opened the window but can’t be too long because it’s cold out. Painting the nails and lips. More detailing, creases and face, It’s late so I can’t really tell if the face might be too red. I will add a couple more layers tomorrow if it’s too red. I totally forgot the eyebrows, so I still have to do painting tomorrow. Sigh.

At least I’m done. 95%. I’ll root the hair tomorrow. God, that is the hardest part. Yikes!

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