Bianca – The First Reborn – Pls Be Nice, Ktx :P

Oh my God, I can’t believe she is done. I work on her for 3 days now. Well, I ruined one of the eyelashes, so I need to buy a new pair and try again, but other than that, she is done, baby! I have to name her, so she’s Bianca, she is a premie baby, she was ‘born’ at exactly 8.30pm today. So this date will be her official ‘birthday’. She is my first ever reborn doll, so I’m still proud of her even though she is not perfect, I don’t know if this the mother in me, but I really think she is cute. Not perfect but pretty darn cute. She’s my first for goodness sake..

The most difficult is rooting the hair I must say, I broke 8 needles on this doll! I think after about 4 dolls I’ll get the hang of it. I hope. Oh and attaching the eyelashes! OMG! I think I spent 20 minutes to attach the left one and I finally ruin it! %^&*$#@#*$!!! Just for the record, I did everything by the book, I painted her in layers to get depth, I spent 8 hours of painting her head and limbs. I painted her inside and out and bake her between each layers. No creases left unattended. 🙂 Then I rooted her hair for about 8 hours on the next day. One strand at the time. I will have to spend more hours in this next time, to achieve better and realistic result, like real human baby hair.

I found that I was discouraged a couple of times working on this new type of craft, I think it’s just my nature, I’m a perfectionist, if I can’t do it well I wouldn’t do it at all. Right now, I think I can do this, I don’t think I will be an expert in this, but I think I can do this well especially if I practice a lot. I also found, that assembling the doll at the end was very exciting and to see her assembled and not ‘pieces’ anymore, was very rewarding. Taking the photos was fun too, and unlike real babies, she sat still for me, tee hee…


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