Second Doll, Sam – The Process 1

My shipment from MacPhearson arrived today, in it, a premie doll kit called ‘Gumdrop’ from Secrist Co. I practice using this line because they are small (means a bit faster to work on than the…

Impatient Monkey

Argh! I hate waiting. Soon as Bianca’s done, I want to do another one, you know, because practice make perfect. I ordered 2 doll kits and some more important tools. I only use regular brushes…


More Cupcakes, Baby!

If you’re into human behavior I think you can see patterns here. Someone has addictive personality. Still bad at decorating, but I never screwed up the taste. Ask all my friends and family who tried…


First Cupcakes!

Presenting, the first cupcakes I made as a human being! Made them last week end. Don’t look so good but taste amazing. I use Raspberry in the frosting to give it flavor and pink color….