I’m fascinated by India jewelries and Saree lately. Been collecting cute colorful fashion jewelries and about 10 days ago I ordered embroidered Saree online. It arrived today, the package is not as heavy as I thought, which is good. But I was disappointed a bit soon as I opened the package, the color is way off than it’s photo. And there’s no pink in it at all as shown in the photo, just red, yellow and green. Also the color in photo is so much brighter, where the actual fabric is muted. It’s a beautiful thing still, and lately I’ve been learning to let go, and focus on the bright sides instead, it makes my life happier. So… Good things: I still save a lot of money by buying direct from India, they shipped it fast, and I got free stiching service for the top, they give me cute package of Bindhi (forehead jewels), and plus, they include a DVD on how to wear the Saree. I mastered the skill within 2 minutes after watching the DVD, it’s easier than it looks! 🙂

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