I get too attached to my beads sometimes. I named them according to their look and I’m convinced they have their own personalities. 😛  I made this pink turtle bead which is my most fave, using my favorite glass Messy Pink, I named her ‘Cutie McFlirty’. Cause she is super cute! Cutie is one of the biggest bead I ever made, she’s a chubster. I was so excited to see how she turned out. I guess I was mesmerized by her big blue eyes, I forgot to keep her warm while decorating her body (during the process of making her). So she cracked just a few seconds from finishing touches, gave me a minor heart attack. I remember screaming bad words. I was devastated. I spent about half an hour on her, damn it! Anyway, pulled myself together, I heat her up again, she is in 1 piece, but not sellable. I was going to keep her anyway. Update: Cutie lives with my cousin now, to prove that I can part with my favorite beads. (Sniff)

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