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    Pinkaholique is:

    Maria B | Indonesian (Bugis-Chinese mix) | David's & Ozzy's Mom | Lives in Toronto, Canada |

    Maria is interested in and loves:

    Doing Art & Crafts | Photography | Make up Art | Website Design & Digital Art |
    Baking (Cupcakes mostly) |
    Melting glass into small beads (Lampworking) | Creating beaded jewelries |
    Creating lifelike baby dolls (Reborning) |

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    Anna (Mom / Inspiration / Number 1 Fan) |
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  • Jewels/Beads Photography // Basic Jewelry & Beads Photography

    What Covered in This Tutorial

    When I started making jewelry and wanting to sell them online. I have no clue about product photography. I'm no expert now, but from lots and lots of research, free tutorials, trial and errors, I could take decent pictures of my jewelry and beads now. If you just started and need to know what to do, where to start, what to buy and where to buy them, according to your budget, this is your lucky day! ^..^ Because I will share with you all I know so far about this. Let's get started!

    First Thing First, Important Link!

    I have several links to share with you, on jewelry and beads photography, also how to set up your own studio at home: A Seven Dollar Photo Studio explain to you a photo set up in limited budget, plus the picture taking technique. Another great links, that is recommended by many already, is Lori Greenberg's Tutorial. In this tutorial, Lori explains how to set up a homemade light cube, plus she teaches how to edit the photo after. Last link I want to share is my favorite, I use this before I finally buy my light cube. I made my own 'light cube' using PVC pipe and Vellum paper, using Bill Hubber's technique that he shares generously online. Its very easy to follow, there are many images in this tutorial. Here it is:How To Make Homemade Light Cube/Light Tent by Bill Hubber. I hope you learn something from all these links. I did! Its great to get me started. When you have your own set up, whether they are homemade or more professional, all you need to do is keep practicing, until you finally find the best way that is suitable for you. Below is my old tabletop studio set up. It is pretty sad, but as you can see the result (doll image, in the corner), is not so bad, right? ^..^


    My Tabletop Photo Set-Up

    As I mentioned above, my lightcube was homemade, you can see the set up picture above. I have 1 photoflood and for the other side I use 1 flip diamond light and a table lamp. The result from that set up are good enough, I make my photo set up better just because sometimes people come to my studio to look at my jewels and the old set up is a bit embarrassing. :) So, here's my new set up. A bit better. :) I have a decent light cube. I got mine from Ebay. The quality is pretty good, I've been using it for years. It comes with 4 background, white, red, blue and black. I bought the large size (30 inches).


    I use Photoflood lightings, 2 on the sides and 1 on the top. The light bulbs, light socket and reflector are from Smith Victor, and the top one is from local shop. I got the tiny light stands from Ebay too. Those are suppose to be background light stands. But they are perfect for tabletop photography. If you can find the smaller ones or shorter ones, its even better. But its not necessary, really. You can always use just any tabletop lights instead of these lightings I mentioned. As long as you use a light tent to diffuse the light, so there wont be any hars light, or hot spot on your bead and jewelry pictures.

    Tripod is a must! I dont care if you are the most fit person, you will get shaky hands sometimes, like after you had your morning cofee and things like that. :) I strongly suggest to have a tripod for beads and jewelry photography, also because you are taking still photography, and the items you are photographing are usually tiny. Event a slight movement will cause blurriness.

    (1) Look for a heavier camera, not the tiny little dinky light ones. I like heavy camera cause it helps to balance it in your hands, however, if you use a tripod, then having a lightweight camera wont be a problem.

    Important Notes

    I use Nikon Coolpix 8400 for jewels and bead photography. So far I have no complains. There are a few things you need to remember when looking for camera for beads and jewelry photography. These are my personal opinion.

    (2) Macro mode, its a must have. Make sure the Macro mode is pretty great. That it can take the picture from as close as 4 inches without getting blurry (out of focus). Most digital cameras have macro mode, but the ones in the lower price ranges, their macro mode are usually not that great. So you can not get too close to the object. (3) White Balance Mode is one of the must have too. Most people take picture of their beads/jewels on white background. White Balance help to capture and accentuate the white to whitest white, make your beads/jewels pop, and the picture looks way better. (4) I edit my pictures using Photoshop, This is the steps that I do all the time, I crop them, I change their level slightly, and add some text on it. And I choose save for web, so I can keep it in the exact size that I want. Changing the level sometimes necessary when the beads/jewels in the picture looks darker or lighter than their real color. Here is my Basic Photo Editing Tutorial. Have fun!

    beforeafter redheart
  • About Lampworking


    About my beads & jewelry designs

    I found lampwork beads a few years ago on Ebay while looking for gemstones for my jewelry design. I fell in love and started collecting them. In 2006 I took an introductory class, about 6 months later I decided to buy my equipments and I've been happily melting glass eversince. My specialty is focal bead and I love to make heart, one eyed alien and cute, chubby turtle beads. I consider the turtles to be my signature bead (some of you might not agree, but hey, this is my website!) ^__^ My first turtle bead was inspired by Maria Grimes's, whose beads I adore so much. I use the highest quality Italian glass, Moretti/Effetre brand for my beads, and kiln anneal them for durability. I sent them all over the world, including France, Spain and Australia, but mostly to United States. My beads are still far from perfect, but they are definitely cute enough to make your heart melt. ^__^ Thank you for taking an interest in my work, I am deeply humbled.

    My lampwork beads and jewelry designs are unique, each pieces are one of a kind, I create them with love and I wouldn’t make anything that I wouldn’t wear myself. Both art go hand in hand and doing them is such a joyful thing for me, I consider myself lucky to be able to do this. I get so much joy and peace especially from melting glass, Thank you for letting me sharing my humble creation with you! :)

    About lampwork beads

    Lampwork beads are made by melting and manipulating glass rods in a flame. The glass is wound around a steel rod called a mandrel that has been coated with bead release to prevent the glass from sticking to the mandrel. When its done, the beads placed into a kiln for annealing process to ensure their durability. Usually the next day, when the beads cooled down, its removed from the mandrel and cleaned from the bead release. I am a self representating artist (SRA), means I handmake all my beads one by one in my home studio and follow all the necessary procedures to produce high quality beads like annealing process and cleaning the beads from the bead release properly, as oppossed to mass produced lampwork beads which made by factory workers, without proper annealing which produce unreliable beads and no proper cleaning of the bead release which could be a health hazzard. To learn more about SRA and the difference between good lampwork beads and mass produced lampwork beads, click HERE



    Very rarely happen, but please be advised that although it's been annealed for durability, breakage could occur if impacted. Some of the beads will have small pieces/decorations that could fly off or fall off when the bead is dropped, please be aware that broken edges could be sharp. If breakage occur please discontinue use. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Most of my beads are very small. Not for Children under 14.

  • Info // Detailed Information In Case You're Curious

  • Jewels/Beads Photoshop Editing // Easy Basic Photoshop Editing

    Let's Get Started - Take The Bead Pictures! This tutorial is for bead photos editing using Photoshop, for photo editing newbies only. ^__^ I won't cover the camera setting, because it's different for each beads, mostly based on it's color. Matte, darker colored beads are easier to capture than the light, pale or trasparent colors.

    I am using Mr. Smiley's beautiful boro heart pendant from my private collection for this tutorial. Usually I would take several pictures for each bead. With the matte colored beads I usually got lucky and got some perfect pictures that I don't need to edit. Actually with this pendant, I got my perfect one, but let's pretend we don't have any, so we need to pick one that is close to the perfect one. What I want to see is the bead's exact look in person (or at least close to it), in its perfectly white bacground.

    overexppic underexppic goodone
    Let's edit it, shall we? Step 1: Find the image by clicking: FILE - OPEN A box will pop up. On top you'll see LOOK IN, locate your image using the drop down menu.

    Step 2: We are tweaking the image's layer, click LAYER - NEW ADJUSTMENT LAYER - LEVELS.

    step1 step2

    Step 3: NEW LAYER pop up box opened. Click OK.


    Step 4: A new pop up box will open. In the right bottom there are 3 eyedropper symbols. Click the right one, called: SET WHITE POINT, your mouse icon will change into an eyedropper icon, click once on the bead image background. The background will turn completely white, no more grey area.


    The Result: If you're still not happy, or the background is not turning completely white, you can play with the histogram, by clicking and holding and dragging the black and white icon under the bar, while watching your image changes, until you are happy with the way it looks. I hope you find this tutorial useful, thank you for checking!

  • About Lifelike Dolls

  • Reborn Babies Photo Tutorial

    First Of All, Let Me Get It Out Of My System: Let There Be Lights!

    I'm not an expert, I just love taking photos of models as well as flowers, products, jewelry, glass beads and water drops, I'm actually still learning by doing with reborn babies photography, I found doll skin surface become translucent when hit with lights, a teeny bit more difficult to photograph using artificial lightings which I prefer to use and I'll tell you why. Some reborners insist on using natural light but it make us depend on the wheather and on gloomy days it's difficult to get decent photos, you work so hard reborning the doll, I think it's important that your photographs do justice to it.

    One of my pet peeves is looking at reborn doll photos that are dark, blurry and pixelly, if the doll is well made, it's hard to tell because the photos are so dark! Why?!! Why so afraid to use additional lightings! It's not a sin, people! There's daylight bulbs! Don't get me wrong, I agree natural lighting is the best for photographing reborn babies, but on those not so sunny days, you can always use lightings aid. I use the lights coming from the window too sometimes but I still use lighting aid on top of that. This tutorial is for beginner, If you are struggling to get good photos of your reborn babies, I hope this tutorial will help. I will go over camera setting a bit but I can't be specific, because we all use different ones. Let's get started, shall we? Oh by the way, English is my second language, so please excuse it.

    Must Have Basic Equipments - Tripod, Lightings & Diffuser

    Beside a decent camera obviously, you must have all 3, I don't care if you think you have the steadiest hands, especially with small, light cameras, camera shake is bound to happen. And shaky hands means blurry photos. If you really can't get one, then you can take your photos while leaning your body and the side of one arm on the wall or a table, anything to help reduce the risk of camera shake. But please, get one of those cheap mini tripods, if your camera is small and light, you can get the really cheap, thin and bendable one, I think that's the cheapest in the market, but if your camera is bigger and heavier, get real tripod or the sturdy mini ones. I prefer real size tripod tho, because it's easier to set the height and to move around looking for the best angles.

    Let's talk about lightings now. Use at least 2 lights. but one 1 is better than nothing, you can use natural lights and add one lighting on top of that. Never ever use the flash from the camera, because the flash is very hars and it will make the baby looks shiny. Always use daylight bulbs, and never shine the lights directly to the baby, instead, bounce the light into a diffuser. You can buy cheap photography daylight bulbs at Henrys or Ebay and buy a light stand and an umbrella and to diffuse the light. Or if you're on a budget, you can use regular tabletop lightings with daylight bulbs, and to diffuse the lights, use a white thick cardboard/foamboard that you can get from Staples or Michaels. The result will be basically the same. The key is to diffuse the light so it's soft when it hit the baby, and with tripod aid we can take clear, crisp photos.

    I recommend using the lightbulb that is intended for photography or movie, I bought mine at Henry's for under $6.00. Just remember they tend to get hot, so don't use it for a long period of time, I turn mine off once and a while while I pose the baby and doing other things. Please make sure you keep the children away when you're doing this. Please click the images below for more information.

    tablelampic proflightic bigtropodic minitripodic

    Click The Image to View It Big


    Lighting Set Up

    I put the lightings on the left and right side of the baby, not directly to the left and right but a bit to the front. This is just arrangement that suit me, I move it around depending on the situation at the time of day too, how bright that time of day in my living room, where I do the baby photography. You can put the light wherever you think best for your own set up. Below is a diagram of my basic set up.


    Click The Image to View It Big


     Another Way To Diffuse Light -> Light Box/ Light Tent

    Back before I bought my light cube for jewelry and bead photography, I made my own. You can make the same thing, only maybe twice or three times bigger for the doll photography. I made the cube following this cool product photo in a budget tutorial by Bill Hubber that I found online. It's a great, easy to follow tutorial, I'm a girly girl, if I can make one, you definitely can. ^__^ Check this out: Homemade Light Box/ Light Tent. So the white cover is the light diffuser, and you shine the lighting from outside the tent, from either side, for jewelry/bead photo sometimes I shine 1 light from the side and one from the top. We can even use 3 light sources. It's really up to you, whatever suit your needs, also depend on the room and the situation in that room. Lots of trial and error will get you to your perfect set up.

    Taking The Photos

    If you are using small pocket cameras with no manual mode, then use automatic mode with flash off, set up the White Balance to Auto. If you are using SLR, then I am assuming you know how to use it. Take as many shots as you can, so you have a lot to choose the best from later. We can also edit the brightness and contrast using photo editing software, again, it's not a sin as long as we keep in mind that we are trying to show the baby as close as possible to the way they look in person, we are not doing it to enhance the look or hide it's flaws. I will continue learning by doing in this, if I learn something new later on I will update this page. Please click the images below to view information.

    mysetupic arrowic bugdsetupic

    Click The Image to View It Big


    If You Want Better Lighting Equipments - Where To Go?

    Lighting Equipments: to save money I buy my stuff from different places back then like some of them at a store on a sale, and some I won on Ebay, now you can find set of lightings for a really good price, and you can get 2 complete sets of the lighting kit (stand, umbrella, reflector and the lightbulb). Just use the keyword: 'Studio Lighting Kit' or 'Continuous Lighting' when doing a search on Ebay. I suggest Ebay because to me it's the best place to look especially when you're on a budget like me. ^__^ I bought some of my equipments at Smith-Viktor too, they have quality stuff and some of them are affordable.

    That's It You Guys!

    I hope you find this tutorial useful, even if you just pick up a bit of information from this, then I'm satisfy. If you have any questions, comments or even better if you have learn something and you think it helped your reborn photography even just a little bit, please let me know, I want to hear from you. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Thank you and have a great day!

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